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Portal of Vafios (Vafeios)Villas Vafios Taverna Vafios is a traditional Greek restaurant on Lesvos (Lesbos) island 5 Km away from Molivos (Mithymna)  


The authentic culinary experience of Lesvos since 1987

The story of “Taverna Vafios” started with endless love for traditional family recipes. So, the thought of our grandmother’s delicious dishes -all authentic recipes of old times- being lost in time, gave us the idea to create not just a typical traditional taverna but a culinary destination. So in 1987, Vafios, a small village in Lesvos began to slowly appear on the gastronomic map until it became famous for its authentic traditional delicacies and the “Oh, so well cooked!” local recipes!

In our family farm, surrounded by all that is fresh and green, one can taste true tradition. Picture this. You are relaxed, sitting in a colorful garden, your table is right under an old olive tree, the view of the Aegean Sea and the picturesque village of Molyvos decorates the horizon with the sun setting majestically into the sea. Truly, a unique atmosphere that no other place can imitate.

Our passion to offer you tastes from the past using only the freshest ingredients from our land is what prompted us to create a menu and an environment where you can enjoy delicious authentic flavors from Lesvos whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian; Gkiouzlemedes (traditional cheese pies), stuffed zucchini flowers, sougania (stuffed onions), chachles, stuffed lamb in the oven, rooster cooked in wine, lamb with chickpeas, kiskets and so many other great dishes that you may not know but will definitely love. And that is a great reason to try something “new”, a delicacy which in reality comes from the past.

Furthermore, you can choose from a huge variety of appetizers and cheese from Lesvos, homemade pastas, salads and desserts made with love and respect towards our mother’s recipes. If you are fond of meat dishes, you will love our local meats cooked on the grill, lamb chops, Giaourtlou kebabs and sausages, all tender, tasty meats that will make you lick your plate clean. But the biggest surprise comes at the weekends. Roast lamb cooked traditionally on a spit, kokoretsi, kontosouvli and mystery flavors that will only be revealed at your table. Naturally, to accompany your gastronomic feast you will need the finest ouzo or the most amazing local wine collection. So, you can choose from a big variety of wines, from local winemakers and small ouzo producers, which you can even visit if you wish. We will provide you with all the necessary information. Lesvos is a blessed land and so many local delicacies surround you. Therefore, we have gathered most of them and have put them on display for you, so you can buy a special gift for your loved ones, if you like.

What inspired us to decorate Taverna Vafios was the beautiful nature of Mount Lepetymnos. So you can enjoy our traditional cuisine in our sitting area inside the building or in the garden. The main building includes the dining hall (equipped with a heating and ventilation system), the kitchen and preparation room (which has been recently renovated and fulfills all the necessary safety and hygiene requirements for food handling and equipment, as defined by Greek legislation) and a big traditional fireplace. Outside, our garden has been created with local materials and in accordance with the traditional architecture; paved courtyards, wooden pergolas, flowers, plants and trees, a playground for children and the largest terrace with extraordinary views of Molyvos.

In our taverna we can host many special events. Weddings, christenings, meetings, birthdays, you name it. We offer wine tasting, cooking classes using traditional local produce, and musical evenings with live Greek music and dancing. We can also provide you with information on the correct crossing network of walking and cycling paths around our area.

Taverna "Vafios" has earned the certification of EOT (Greek Tourism Organization), the Badge of “Greek Cuisine” and has gained the reputation of being the Gastronomical Paradise of Lesvos.

Taverna Vafios
Vafios village TK-81108
Lesvos island, GREECE



WEB: www.taverna.vafios.com, E-MAIL: taverna@vafios.com
Tel.: +30--22530-71752 | Fax: +30--22530-72226

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